We conduct experiments that
may or may not seriously
break the universe

Under Desk Hammock

Under the Desk Hammock™ is a portable, highly versatile hammock that attaches under your desk or between chairs (e.g. at the airport) so you can nap just about anywhere.

Understanding Women

The largest, most important book in mankind's history. Understanding Women: Volume One is a 5000 page, hardcover artistic gag gift for men.

Bloody Bath Mat

A thermochromatic bath mat that leaves "blood" stains when you step on it after a warm shower or hot bath. The heat from your body will start to change the tile blood red under your feet almost magically. (The blood red color will slowly fade away as the heat dissipates)

The Book of Meme

The largest, most important book in memekind's history. The Book of Meme is a beautiful, hardcover gag gift for meme lovers. Packed cover to cover with popular memes in an attractive faux leather cover with gold foil stamping. Designed to make a hilarious gift idea for that internet addict in your life.